Specialist in Self Assessment and Private Limited Companies' Accounts and Tax matters
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Our specialized VAT team is dedicated to ensuring your compliance with the constantly evolving VAT regulations, thus placing you in the most advantageous trading position. We can assist in the management and reduction of VAT liabilities at any stage of your business growth, identifying opportunities to save cash, handling the registration process, and providing guidance on restructuring and trading activities in the UK, Europe, and globally.

With a wealth of experience in engaging with HMRC, we proactively collaborate with the agency to achieve optimal outcomes for our clients, whether operating in a constructive or defensive capacity. Our track record often involves uncovering additional VAT benefits that previous advisors may have overlooked.

Our specific areas of expertise include:

  • Transactions, contracts, due diligence, and compliance
  • Introducing new products and strategizing for capital projects
  • Managing VAT risks
  • Implementing partial exemption methods and strategies
  • Conducting health checks and comprehensive VAT audits
  • Offering advice on property projects, including funding arrangements
  • Devising international and EU VAT/Customs duty plans
  • Addressing VAT, insurance premium tax, and air passenger duty matters in the travel and leisure industries
  • Conducting internal VAT training sessions
  • Navigating VAT anti-avoidance legislation.
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